Joe Black sings a song, ‘Ons is grond’ (We are soil), which made me think: What if one were to compare one’s self– no, one’s heart – to that of a garden? What sort of garden would a person’s heart be? Would it be the orderly type, like Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens; where there are clearly defined pathways to stroll about, meticulously manicured lawns for children to frolic in, information plaques describing indigenous plant species and encased monuments celebrating historical significance.

Or would a person resemble Newlands forest? Proudly positioned for all to be in awe; celebrating freedom, bustling with visitors and friends? Or what about Maynardville Park, which is child friendly with lively geese and age-old trees? Would some people be vineyards, wheatfields, or can the heart be equited with a forest where there are many things unknown and possibly monsters lurking in the shadows.

Some of us can probably relate to a time of feeling like a neglected garden, where the only living things are the weeds pushing through the cracks of old cementslab pathways.

So the question is, “If your heart was a garden, what sort of garden would you picture it?”

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