Around every corner we are bombarded with options promising to bring freedom. There are those who argue keeping an alkaline environment in our bodies is the secret, and I have done this for a season and found it to have some benefit. There was a time when I followed a certain dietary regime and found benefit, only to get tired of all the effort and resorting back to my earlier ways within a month or so. I paid huge amounts of money for a fancy gym in a plight to get a dream body, only to realise: it was the effort I put in which determined the results I got. I was accountable to show up and to put in the work. Sure enough, the trainers needed the skill and expertise to know which exercises would produce the results I desired. They needed to know how to help me to move past my internal barriers and get to the desired goal. It was also their job to be patient and not to rush me faster than it was safe for me to go.

A counsellor is almost like a personal trainer. Once a week you come for weigh-in, together we see where it is you want to get, where you are now and then work on strategies to get there. I will help you find your inner hero and celebrate you becoming the driving force of your life.

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Agnes van Wyk

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